About Areteos

Based in Hong Kong, Areteos offers professional services to high-net-worth families in Hong Kong, China and internationally over a broad range of areas, including family office and consulting services, immigration and citizenship advice and application assistance, international investment services as well as educational, real estate and lifestyle consultancy. We help families define their needs and address the steps to ensuring their wealth and family legacy will thrive through the generations.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Areteos is that the client always comes first. We are committed to offering one-on-one premium, customised and professional advice. We attach particular importance to ensuring the smooth transition of inheritance in a manner that protects the family’s values, assets and dreams.

Our Strengths

Our global team of professionals offers clients a broad range of consultancy areas that include immigration and citizenship by investment, education specialists as well as real estate and lifestyle consultants.

We work in collaboration with our key partners at private banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, law firms and accounting offices, to help provide tailored and professional advice befitting all of our esteemed clients’ needs.

Scope of Services

Family Affairs

Citizenship by Investment

Wealth Management:

Property Investment
Art Investment
Fine Wine Investment
Thoroughbred Race Horse Investment
Exclusive Business Opportunities

Our Clients

Our clients are wealthy individuals or families who are looking for wealth preservation and enhancement services that are delivered in a bespoke and personalised manner. We base our services largely on the need of our clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand in global markets, a company director looking to explore business options internationally, a frequent traveller, a family desiring an international education for your children, a high-net-worth individual seeking a premium quality life for yourself and your family or a business person interested in investing abroad in part of a citizenship by investment programme, our extensive areas of expertise are sure to identify the most valuable solutions for your needs.

We welcome you to contact our consultants to discover the right options for you: info@areteos.com