Family Affairs

Our immigration and investment programmes offer affluent families global ease and access, facilitating discreet and confidential visa free travel, international business opportunities, and higher education and quality lifestyle options, without disturbing their current lives and arrangements.

All clients will be handled by our visionary team who have unparalleled expertise in such areas as residency requirements, citizenship law, dual citizenship, passports and visa-free travel, tax and real estate planning in countries and territories around the globe.

We have strong industry know-how and an impressive track record of successful cases. Since its establishment, Areteos has helped many families successfully obtain dual citizenship, with our high attention to personalised and outstanding service ensuring a stress-free application process for our esteemed clients.

Our education team provides professional consulting and continuous support, assisting the application and admission process from kindergarten all the way to world-renowned universities, giving your children that extra edge in this fiercely competitive and hugely over-subscribed arena.

Please contact our immigration department now to find out more about how we can support your family affairs: