Areteos Art

The CEO of Areteos Family Office, Vicky Xu, is a connoisseur of modern and contemporary art and regularly advises high-net-worth clients from China and elsewhere on art collection and investment. Our Areteos art experts are specialists in the acquisition of rare art and masterpieces from the international market place.

Areteos Art is a private art club aimed at enhancing the art collecting culture in Hong Kong and promoting the works of talented international artists to Chinese and Asian collectors. As a keen collector herself, Vicky owns a number of outstanding works from high profile international artists, including Albert Oehlen (Germany), Bernard Buffet (France), Yayoi Kusuma (Japan), Zhang Xiaogang (China), Wang Guangle (China), Qiu Xiaofei (China) and Lui Chun Kwong (Hong Kong). These and other outstanding works are regularly on display at her exclusive venue.