The Global Group Presents ‘The Contemporary Cuban Art of KADIR LÓPEZ’ at Areteos Art Space

The international venture capital and angel investment firm, The Global Group, is delighted to present the latest exhibition to open at the renowned Areteos Art Space in Central Hong Kong, ‘The Contemporary Cuban Art Of KADIR LÓPEZ’. This new exhibition opened on 3 October 2019 (Thursday) and showcases five artworks by the world-renowned Cuban artist, Kadir López. Dr. Johnny Hon, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Global Group, and Ms. Vicky Xu, Founder and CEO of Areteos Family Office, hosted the opening night in the presence of the exhibiting artist and a number of distinguished guests.

This opening marked the fourth exhibition to take place under the Global Group’s sponsorship programme, that provides a unique platform for Hong Kong society to view art and appreciate art from different continents and countries and to support innovative and cutting edge artists worldwide. It forms part of the Global Group’s commitment to give concrete form to its belief that art should be present in the daily life of the community as an essential part of a healthy society.

Once dubbed among the Top 10 Artists to Watch in the art world, Kadir López counts Michelle Obama, wife of President Barack Obama, among his admirers, along with megastar Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The Smiths visited the artist in his elegant home in the Cuban capital Havana.  One hour and US$45,000 later, they bought “Coca Cola-Galiano,” an 8x4ft Coca-Cola sign with superimposed 1950s photograph of Havana streets.

The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to Hong Kong art collectors to invest, enjoy and experience the unfolding and developing Cuban art movement through the work of Kadir López the surface of whose talent and potential in Asia has only been scratched to date. Areteos Art Space is pleased to further raise the curtain on Cuban contemporary art with these masterful works.

The works of López have already resulted in a swift windfall: in the course of a few years they have whirled through museums, galleries and showrooms – and are also to be found in private collections in New York, London, Madrid, Bogotá, Texas, Miami, Santo Domingo, Nicosia, Guadalajara, Beirut, Toronto, Berlin, Lima, and so on.  In other words, he has become a truly global artist.

In mining Cuba’s rich and complex history, as well as more personal themes, López creates a multi-layered reality that combines space and time into a unified visual universe. Skilled in watercolour and acrylics, he is also known for the creativity and individuality of his installations, as well as for the use of non-traditional artistic media.

Dr. Johnny Hon, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Global Group, commented, “We are pleased to present the fascinating artwork of Kadir López and to offer the Hong Kong art scene this opportunity to experience the impressive techniques used by him to express his ideas and to reflect the incredibly rich history and culture of Cuba. On my own visit to Cuba earlier this year, I was completely captivated by the island nation’s incredible diversity, fascinating history and rich culture. The art scene in Cuba is thriving, unique and innovative and truly deserves a global audience and appreciation. We are delighted to continue our efforts to collaborate with various countries and artists and to bring them for exhibition in Hong Kong, with the ultimate goal to further enrich the artistic sense of the ever growing Hong Kong art community.”

Guests attended to celebrate the opening night of ‘The Contemporary Cuban Art of KADIR LÓPEZ’.
The opening night of ‘The Contemporary Cuban Art of KADIR LÓPEZ’ was held at Areteos Art Space in Central.
First five paintings for public viewing at Areteos Art Space from October 4th.

‘The Contemporary Cuban Art of KADIR LÓPEZ’

Date: from 4th October 2019 (10am-7pm)

Venue: Areteos Art Space – G4, 1 Hollywood Road, Central, HK

About the Global Group

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About Kadir López Nieves

Kadir López Nieves was born in 1972 in the Cuban province of Las Tunas. His talent was recognised at the age of twelve, when he was chosen to receive formal art training at the Elementary Art School “El Cucalambé”. In 1986 he continued his artistic education at the Professional Art School in Camagüey, where he studied painting, sculpture, and drawing. All that contributed to his studies at the High Institute of Arts (ISA), between 1990-1995. There he combined professional art training with education in theory, philosophy, and art history. In 1995 he received the First Prize for the installation 90 Bolos in the First Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art. López has exhibited at various venues in Latin America as well as in the United States of America, Mexico, Spain, China, and Italy, in both collective and one man shows. He has also participated in a number of the art world’s prominent international art fairs including the Havana Biennale, the Toronto International Art Fair (TIAF), ArtMadrid, Miami International Art Fair, Art Palm Beach, Pinta New York, Houston Fine Art Fair, Hamptons Art Fair and many others. Among his many outstanding solo exhibitions, the Signs series brought him critical attention and he was named one of the top ten artists to watch in 2011 by the Huffington Post. In addition to creating art, López has lectured at conferences at universities and museums worldwide and has served as a juror at several national art contests in his country. His work can be found in several major museums’ collections, as well as many private collections all over the world.

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